The Austrian Pancake 


Kaiserschmarrn is a very popular Austrian sweet which can be enjoyed as a dessert or even as a meal. When I was living in Vienna, I never really appreciated these pancakes but moving away from Austria has shown me the value of this cultural dessert. As usual `Kaiserschmarrn´ was no where available and I had to try making it myself. Fortunately I was even very successful with the recipe of my friend´s mum. 
Let me tell you that the word `Kaiser´actually means Emperor. These broken pancakes were actually made for the emperor Franz Joseph I and he was quite fond of them.
The ´Kaiserschmarrn´ is very similar to the american pancakes and has almost the same ingredients. Comparing to the American pancakes which are served with maple syrup, the Austrian pancakes are traditionally served with apple sauce or fresh fruits. I personally love mine with freshly cut fruits, especially plums. 
So here is the easy to make recipe: 

Serves 4

  • 4 Eggs 
  • 30g Sugar 
  • 375ml Milk
  • 125g All purpose flour
  • 40g Butter 
  • Icing Sugar 
  • Pinch of Salt 
  • 30g Raisins (optional) 
  1. Soak the raisins in water 
  2. Separate the Egg yolk from the egg whites and beat the egg whites till stiff. Keep aside!
  3. In a bowl mix together egg yolk, sugar and salt. Mix till the mixture gets light yellow in color.
  4. Gradually add the milk and the flour and keep mixing till all lumps disappear. 
  5. Sieve the soaked raisins and add into the mixture. 
  6. At last mix in the stiff egg whites and make sure you don´t over mix the mixture. You just want to carefully fold in the egg whites into the mixture till nicely incorporated. 
  7. In a pan add little butter and pour a soup-spoonful of the pancake mixture. Let it get cooked till one side is cooked (3-5minutes on medium heat). Cover with a lid. 
  8. Ones cooked from one side, flip it to the other side and cook till the other side is cooked. With a spoon make small pieces while still on the pan and make sure it is throughout cooked. 
  9. Serve hot with apple sauce or fresh fruits. Sprinkle some powder sugar on top of the `Kaiserschmarrn´. Enjoy hot! 


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