The Perfect Mashed Potatoes

The Perfect Mashed Potatoes

       And how not to make them  

There was a time when I used to buy that instant Mashed Potatoes Powder Packet from the grocery and just added milk to it. That was my kind of "Mashed Potatoes". But it changed all one day when I suddenly discovered there is actually a real recipe for this. Infact I went to a restaurant where they served delicious beef with so creamy Mashed Potatoes. So I finally started to find recipes to cook that delicious dish. Unfortunately it never turned out to be creamy neither delicious. I made quite a view mistakes which I want to share with you with the final recipe off course. 

Here is the recipe for approx. 3 big potatoes (serves 2)

  1. Peel, cut in equal sizes and boil Potatoes in salt water 
  2. Drain out the remaining water and mash the potatoes nicely 
  3. Still on the stove on lowest heat add the butter (1tbsp) and salt (a pinch of pepper) to the potatoes 
  4. Slowly add milk (150-200 ml)  to the potatoes and keep mixing with a fork or spoon 
  5. Serve

  • You can never overcook the potatoes when it comes to mashed potatoes so don't undercook them. At-least let them cook for 20mins or in a pressure cooker. 
  • Don't use a mixer to mix the potatoes. Potatoes tend to become sticky and liquid so just use a potato masher or simple use a fork (that's what I do)
  • Never use cold Milk, instead use room-temperatured or warm Milk. 

Hope you will give this recipe a try and let me know how it turned out. 
Good luck and enjoy 😄


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