Easy Vermicelli Sweets [Ramadan Special]

Vermicelli Delight

Two tasty recipes

Since childhood my mum used to make vermicelli for me. I enjoyed this recipes a lot and never knew it was that easy and quick to make. Basically whenever you have cravings for sweet and want to eat something homemade instead of a lame chocolate bar, vermicelli is always the right and quick option. It's enjoyed all over the world in different ways. The Indo/Paki version is even easier than any other style. I have for you two very tasty and quick recipes.
This method is so extremely easy that I honestly feel bit silly writing it even down. But common, in the very beginning even I had to be told about this recipe. I am sure there must be someone out there, wanting the detail method. 😄

So well, here is the simple yet delicious recipe for you:

{Serves approx. 4}

  • 250g Vermicelli 
  • 1/2 cup of sugar (or to taste) 
  • 2 cardamom 
  • 1tbp Clarified Butter
  • 2 cups of Milk (or as required) 

Method 1:
  1. In a pot add butter and let it melt.
  2. Add the vermicelli and roast for 1 minute.
  3. Add 2 cups of milk or as required. 
  4. When it comes to a boil, add sugar and cardamom. 
  5. Cook till the sugar is dissolved. 
  6. Serve hot with garnished nuts

Method 2:
  1. In a pot bring water to boil and add sugar. 
  2. Ones sugar is dissolved, add the Vermicelli and cardamom. Cook for approx.  5 minutes. 
  3. Sieve the vermicelli and put in serving bowls. 
  4. Pour clarified butter and sugar on top of the vermicelli and garnish with nuts.
  5. Serve hot.

Hope you will try out this easy recipe and enjoy with family & friends.

Happy cooking 😊


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